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"Nothing in LIFE is to be feared. It is only to be UNDERSTOOD."

Marie Curie


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  • Dearest Elena!!

    Thank you soooo much for everything you have done for me!! I’m a completely new person, thanks to you!!

     I had no idea just how profound a healing I could have received from your Diagnostic and Corrections. To be honest, I didn’t have a clue what either of those words meant when we first started communicating…all I knew was I NEEDED help after my husband had his stroke and two weeks later my brother killed himself. It was a very dark murky time in my life and I intuitively knew something needed to leave my energy field!

    I really LOVED the whole process – especially the diagnostic before and after the correction. But I suppose the most incredible part of the process was when we did the Skype correction as I literally FELT the healing love taking over as the negativity left my body. I was a little nervous at the time or more to the point, EXCITED, when I was lying comfortably on the bed and you worked magic. I felt “clumps of gunk” (dark energy??) being gently pulled through my feet and hands and a heavenly lightness come over me. It was an incredible process but one that I don’t mention to my parents as they would just roll their eyes in disbelief like a lot of other people I would imagine! :o)

     I also want to thank you for your continued support in my life journey. My inner me knows everything…but I often don’t listen…and that’s when my challenges come. Thank you for your gentle and honest guidance.  I’m looking so forward to this next chapter…and again thank you for even more encouragement! Holly Helt.

    - I’m a completely new person

  • I had a severe problem with negative energies affecting me, and Elena suggested a simple and very effective solution that worked like a miracle. My whole life was immediately affecting in a positive direction and I felt an immediate burden lifted! I cannot say enough GREAT words to describe her!  Robin S.

    - Wonderful Experience

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