Fears – Strength


Fears and doubts take away your strength making your body weak. And you’ll continue to be weak, if not cease to feed your ego with fears, doubts, old information. Do not waste your strength, energy and time for doubts.

Low vibration thoughts attract low vibration people and unhappy situations into your life.

It is necessary to monitor your thoughts. Fear destroys the physical body and take away up to 80% of energy.

Face your fears.

Conquer your fears and you will be more powerful than you could ever imagine.

Needed to clear your mind and the subconscious of all the existing low vibration thoughts. After cleanse do not leave the place empty. It is necessary to immediately fill the mind and the subconscious with the crystal light.

Try mentally with your power of intention to transform straight away any negative appeared thought (the conviction, doubt, fear, resentment, etc.) to the light of divine joy and happiness. Just say:

– I command, transform my unhappy thoughts  to the Divine Light of joy and happiness.

Do not allow the ego to control you. We must remember that we are conductors of divine light. It is necessary to fill yourself with this light, to live in this light, be the light!

Wish unfriendly people love and joy from all your heart and get on with your own life.

Only you are the doctor for your body and soul. And you choose – to heal them or continue to destroy.

If you have your heart, soul and mind clean, if you wish happiness to everyone, if you trust your life, then life will begin to attract to you only good people, good health and success in business, and you will live in peace and prosperity.

Live in Love, Light, and Joy.