Polarity to Unity

The transition from the field polarity to unity.

We all know that the God spirit lives in each of us. It came to us with a certain number of evolutionary programs / contracts for our current life. If a program has ended, then the person has completed all the main deeds which were scheduled for his life.

If our energy is built with the flow of the Universe, and if we are balanced, then we can create new contracts. We can mentally write a program for either the continuation of life on earth, or ascension.

How do we know whether or not a contract is complete?

If what we do is take us out of balance, then the contract is fulfilled (example: you do not like your job any more, and you continue to carry it; in that place there is no more the energy of joy, but only destructive energy).  In our time, many people fulfilled the spirit programs, but did not release them and have the attachments.

This memory of the attachments stays in the subconscious, emotional and mental bodies. Of course, we need to free ourselves from them. And only then it will be possible to create new programs / contracts in the spirit, and then our pure spirit begins to fulfill our desires.

In your meditations, visualize that you put yourselves in the space of your God spirit, and then your spirit will put you in your contract, he will find the job, creates new opportunities and the desired event. The main reason, due to which plans are not implemented, is because people who have chosen the path of evolution, light workers, people who decided to go from the polarity to the field of Unity, have not been able to free themselves from judgment.

Judgment is a different kind of energy, it does not resonate with the energy of evolution of the God spirit. Many people’s souls have decided to make the transition from polarity to the field of Unity. Judgments are only possible within polarity. If we do not eliminate judgments, it will be difficult to understand and accept the time of the Universe as “here and now.” People will accept only linear time.

So, in your meditation declare your intention:

– I command! Right now my inner God and the Divine of all, from the spirit of (your name), free all fulfilled contracts, all judgments from these contracts and all the reasons which created these judgments. Right now my inner God and the Divine of all, free the memory of these judgments from my subconscious, emotional and mental bodies. All the freed space is now filled with the light of Divine’s love and joy, with Divine’s quality of light. Thank you! Done!