Colors influence our health, mood and emotions

 Colors have their impact on our sense of well-being or uneasiness. Using and avoiding certain colors is a way of self-expression; it sheds light on our personality. They influence the flow and amount of energy in our bodies. Streams of vitality regulate health of all organs. For better food digestion  you need to add a green light.

We fill ourselves with pink light, so that to get rid of irritability. Before you talk to a sick person, you need to fill yourself with pink light, as sick people take away this light from healthy people.

If the throat is not very healthy, it should be filled with blue light.


Colors influence our mood and emotions.

Red color is hot. It can stimulate and excite. It connects to our physical self. Too much red may result in impatience, increase, aggressiveness, hostility, irritation, anger.

Orange is warm and joyful. It connects to our emotional self. Too much orange may result in irritability, slight frustration, increased appetite.

Yellow is warm to hot. It connects to our mental self.Too much yellow may result in superficiality, hyperactivity.

Green is the master color. It is refreshing and cool. It connects us to unconditional love. Too much green may result in laziness.

Aqua (turquoise) is cooling. It connects us to our expression.Too much aqua may result in none known.

Blue is cold and acidic. It connects us to holistic thoughts. Too much blue may result in insecurity, pessimism.

Indigo is cool and calming to the nervous system. It connects us to our unconscious self. Too much indigo may result in depression, sense of separateness from others.

Violet is cool. It connects us to our spiritual self. Too much violet may result in depression, insecurity, stagnate or suppress emotions (especially anger).

Magenta is balancing. It connects us to devotional love.Too much magenta may result in can be too relaxing (not good for the introverted or chronically depressed).


The questions to diagnose your body are:

– What percentage of the vitality of pure prana has a sick (diseased) organ?

– What percentage of purple (blue, green, pink, yellow, red) light has a sick (diseased) organ?

To fix the problem, say:

– I command, remove all the causes that reduce receipt of pink light in the diseased organ. Fill the organ with this light and with the pure prana.