A new form of energy. Divine breathing exercises. Self healing.

 Very soon, our nose will recognize many types of energy (for some of us this is already happening or happened). Therefore, many are now increasing the sensitivity of the nose, which is used for the absorption of prana.  Our nose is itching, “runs”, sneeze, as if person has the flu. But this is not the flu and not allergies.

We develop a new sense a sense of energy absorption. In other words – this is the divine breath.


Before I received the above information, I was shown in my meditation Divine breathing exercises.

When I breathed in, I could see with mind’s eye, that my inner God is standing in the space of my heart, and He was exhaling at same time I inhale. I exhale, and He inhales simultaneously. I was like a balloon, becoming smaller and bigger, but there was one form to another, like a torus. I realized that there is no separation between inhalation and exhalation. There is ONE – inhale and exhale.

When we breathe in, we inhale the divine energy which fills us with vitality. On the inhale, imagine that you are taking the entire universe inside of yourself. When you breath out, imagine that you are distributing this inner breath out to the entire universe. By this meditation, you are making the entire internal universe and the entire external universe into one.


During the practice of Divine breathing, another energy center begins to form and grow at the back of the base of the skull. This energy center will acquire a sense of balance through energy absorption via the nose.

Whenever we experience changes in our physical body, as well as on the cellular level (DNA) – we then often feel a lack of energy, pain in different parts of the body, or an unnecessary emotional state. If we understand the process, and regularly check-in with ourselves, the strength comes to us.


We need to continue to strengthen our beloved body. We need to help our systems, organs and cells raise their own vibration to match the vibration of our God spirit.Two vibrations cannot live in the same ‘house’ for long. Introduction of harmonious vibration can heal illnesses.

This practice is perfect for the morning, so that you have a joyful and healthy mindset for the day, and also before going to bed – so that all organs and cells get restored. It takes me two to five minutes each time, and it works really well!

If the described information resonates with you, try this healing method to set up your body vibration with the vibration of the God spirit.

Before you raise the frequency of your body’s vibrations, don’t forget to remove your energy and emotional blocks.

Breathe slowly, quietly, deeply, say the below with intention and imagine what you are saying:

–        I command! Right now, my circulatory system (or name anything you intend to heal) enter the space of my God spirit (in the middle of your head, place of the pituitary gland) … my God spirit tunes the vibration of the soul and mind of my circulatory system with its own vibrations…. My healed soul and mind of my circulatory system now has the same vibration as my God spirit… Thank you. Done.

Repeat again while you stay in the space of your God spirit.

Each system, organ, cell and tissue has their own soul, mind and body.  The soul and mind should have the same vibrations as the God spirit has. When we increase the vibrations of soul and mind, then the body of the system, organ, cell and tissues will be raised automatically to their necessary level.

After you finish working with your system, organs, cells, and tissues, you can continue healing within the space of your heart – where your inner God lives. By concentrating on the Divine breath, pronounce the following:

–        I command! Right now, the circulatory system of (your name) is filled with the love of Divine… My inner God lives in my circulatory system…. My circulatory system lives in my inner God… My circulatory system lives FOR my inner God…. Thank you. Done.

I would like to remind those who are waiting for results – you do not get results if you have expectations and attachments to them.  Be like a child, be in the present, not waiting for future outcomes.

Good luck to all.