The World of Divine evolution and Demonic hierarchy.

The World of Divine evolution consists of light souls; guard-angels; spiritual people who can manage the material world; matrix structures; spiritually evolved civilizations; Gods, forming processes in the material worlds; and finally – the Creator who stands above all structures. He is the Creator of the entire world order. Demonic hierarchy also enters this world order, as branches of the Divine world.

If a person maintains connection with the Creator, he can receive pure divine energy and utilize it. He will know where to guide it, for what purpose and for how long.

If someone had lost connection with the Creator, than for that person it will be very difficult to utilize pure divine light, because society in cooperation with the demonic (inferno) world are always putting forth and imposing various negative emotions like fear, jealousy, judgment, irritation, and anger. So pure divine energy becomes contaminated and changes its qualities.

This mixed energy attracts entities from a low astral level, which make people fixated on their destructive thoughts. Those thoughts produce non-material substance, which is used as food for parasitizing entities.

Those subtle entities have spherical shape and inhabit outside of human body around a person’s head.  They help to create evil thoughts and desires, provoke fears, aggression and irritation.  If a person does not pay attention to changes in himself, then he will always follow what the entities want from him. When a person is hiding secret desires and is thinking one thing but saying another for long enough, even his face expression may change,- become rougher.

Some of the stronger entities may penetrate into the human body and can move from one organ to another eating energy of those organs. Thoughts about lack of love or unhappy love helps those entities to take energy from the middle part of the back and front of chest area of person’s body, causing pain and discomfort. When a person does not accept responsibility for his actions, then pain can be in his neck and shoulders.

Persons with entities like to socialize with people plagued with similar entities. When people complain to each other about life, health, friends, then entities provoke them with more fears, pride, self-pettiness, arguments and so on. By doing that entities will multiply themselves. Newborn entities are looking for new carriers for themselves.  Many entities of low and middle level from the Inferno world are willing to materialize and evolve through humans. They always compete with person’s soul. A Soul is person’s emotion structure which entities tends to destroy. That’s why many people in older age have a completely changed personality.

If person has at least one of below symptoms, it may mean he has entities:

  • Addiction or bad habits, especially if it is does not satisfy him, but a person cannot give it up.
  • Some sort of psycho-emotional problems like depression, super irritation, excessive fears and so on
  • Exhausting dreams, like horrors, erotic or anxiousness
  • Get up in the morning always weak and tied and need some stimulants to do daily routines
  • Regular pains in nape and back
  • Regular cold toes and fingers
  • Blurry vision from time to time

Entities always send a portion of collected energy up to their demonic hierarchy. From there parts of the energy goes to magicians, sorcerers,  and psychics who have stronger power and are getting energy-informational support from the Inferno System.

Demonic hierarchy is one of the support structures of the Universe. It includes egregors of politics, business, religions and others, which draw in masses of people. There are also computer and social media egregors, which make people stay glued to computer screens to waste their life force and not to evolve.

There are more advanced infernal levels which are highly technological systems that form government structures and coordinate destructive behavior of people, suppressing their mental abilities. Above them are positioned demonic hierarchies managing lower plans of their world- they are Gods for entities.  And finally the source of the entire demonic system in the Inferno is the Demon who is receiving energy collected from all its lower organized systems.

The more a person has negative emotions, attachments, idealizations, dogmas, the more food for the entities. And in return, more entities create more negativity in people, like strong fears without any logical explanation.

Different people utilize and receive pure Divine energy in different ways, depending on their level of spiritual development, which in its turn depends on purity of their spirit, conciseness and subconsciousness.

The majority of people don’t want to spend time working with pure energy and instead are following the mass consciousness thus becoming targets for astral entities.

So, with the same amount of energy person can be happy or unhappy.