News about the world of Inferno.

I, as the Guardian of the Divine Light on Earth, inform you of the latest planetary events.
On July 11, 13, and 14, the last energy-informational cleanings of our planet and its space from surviving pests of the demonic world (Inferno) were completed.
I will briefly describe what happened, omitting details of how all the processes went.
Since March of this year, I conscientiously carried out planetary work on the recommendations of the Higher Forces, which included:
1) in the elimination of all destructive/demonic cosmic creatures from all levels of the 6th plane of existence during the first few months;
2) after that, the entire organizational system of the demonic world was excluded from the 6th plane (they will not be converted into some other type of energy to continue their work, they will all be simply destroyed or decoded);
3) the cleansing of the Earth from those residual cosmic creatures and the organizers of the Inferno world that, during all their exiles from the 6th plane, secretly hid on our earthly plane and continued to cause harm, especially to those who represented a danger to their existence and dark affairs.
200 years ago, another Inferno world existed, but they occupied a place only on the earth plane. Later they ascended to the 6th plane of existence and occupied 60 lower levels there. At the first 25 levels, there were various destructive and demonic entities that descended to Earth and brazenly invaded the bodies of people, animals, disrupting the functioning of their consciousness, brain, installing their destructive programs there; those programs harmed the functioning of organs, cells, DNA and subtle bodies. At the 26-60th levels, various organizational demonic systems, devices, stuff, and mechanisms were developed and designed that could destroy the consciousness and health of the people of the Earth in order to control them.
Let me remind you that the 6th plane of existence is a plan of ultimate dualism. There are hundreds of levels there. At the highest levels, bright spirits live, who come to the aid of people in their healings, extrasensory operations. Lower levels never contacted higher levels. Having come into contact with man, the bright spirits of this plane become intermediaries between man and God. However, they often impose their opinion, which is not necessarily true, but people who take everything seriously begin to believe in the “end of the world”, or in any idea based on fear and uncertainty.
I want to note that those cosmic destructive entities that managed to penetrate people, they remained in their bodies and continue to cause harm to humans. Everyone must take care of themselves. Nobody has done, does, and will not do any work for you until you realize and sincerely express your intention by contacting the Creator of all. By the way, low-astral entities will stay in the subsoil of the Earth, sometimes inhabiting people and harming their health. But they are not allowed to be expelled from the planet. Only the person responsible for the state of their health.
During all the purifications, I watched the Creator send spaceships for his fantastic work. Some ships ran filters in front of them, through which the inferno’s hidden and encapsulated destructive programs were clearly visible. No clairvoyants could see these hidden programs with their inner vision.
In addition, I saw how one spaceship carried away the evil souls of dead people from the earth plane, which, like vampires, took energy from living people. But a certain percentage still remained for some purpose, I did not find out, since this does not bother me.
I always like to observe Divine actions and results, and besides, I like to feel these results on myself. But in order to feel the joy of such results, I first have to feel the evil that Inferno was inflicting on humanity and myself.
I like to observe the Divine actions and their results, besides – I like to feel these results on myself. But in order to really feel the joy of such results, at first, I had to feel the evil that Inferno inflicted on humanity.
Despite the great joy that the demonic world of Inferno no longer exists on either the 6th or the earthly planes of existence, I must also give not entirely joyful information – very many people are carriers of demonic entities within themselves. Most of the top politicians in different countries and those who make plans to drastically reduce humanity on Earth have 6 demonic entities in their bodies. The soul left those bodies long ago, and some did not have a soul from birth. So, from each person from among those people, 3 demonic entities will be removed, which subsequently will gradually begin to create a new world of Inferno. It will take years.
I would also like to note that events and plans can change quickly, in one direction or another.
However, let everyone believe in what their consciousness is ready to believe (if consciousness does not interfere with thinking and feeling the polluted subconscious).
Well, I still have to do a lot of planetary work on the creative plan of the Creator of all.

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