The time has come!

1. Since the end of June, our planet began to receive new photonic energy, that is, the energy of light. And already in August, as soon as the Earth was filled with the light of this energy by 35%, it instantly acquired the ability to automatically self-purify from ejections into her space of negative, low-frequency energy, coming from emotions, thoughts, and actions of people. This has never happened before.

This photonic energy has a much higher frequency than energy that we have become accustomed to for hundreds of years. The new photonic energy does not resonate at all with the old energy, from which the time has come to free both the entire planet and its inhabitants.

2. The earth has also become much more active, more thorough and more effective in healing itself from the effects of old and low-frequency energy. Cleansing the “body” of the planet, in turn, will lead to various cataclysms. This is understandable, because physical and energetic cleansing occurs with our body too – when, for example, our nose and throat are clogged with mucus, we need to get rid of it, or when we need to clear our energy from the dark energy of other people, or from various creatures.

3. In June-August, other programs of the Earth were activated and began to operate, for example, a program for self-cleansing of the planet and its space from all kinds of destructive entities, parasitic beings and spirits, phantoms. The time has come.

Previously, destructive entities living in people, from time to time, were leaving human bodies, multiplied in the space of the Earth, after which they again entered the bodies of people. Now, the space of the Earth began to automatically self-purify from them and self-heal with the help of the power of light of new photonic energy. This is really happening.

4. For children of indigo, crystal (who have not lost their special light and knowledge with which they came to Earth); for children of stars, rainbows, etc. – for all children born with new energy-informational tasks, programs for their energetic self-purification already work automatically, which was not the case before.

 This group includes those spiritually advanced people who have not lost their Divine light, but only strengthened it in themselves and in their subtle bodies.

Black magic, finally (!), can no longer destroy the energy of such people and harm their health and creativity. As soon as the light of new photonic energy began to fill the Earth, the dark ones really began to lose their magical power. This is amazing! I confess that I have been waiting for this moment for a long time, and I myself put a lot of effort into it.

5. Phantoms, entities, people living at low vibrations, will be completely unable to resonate with new photonic energies. Even those who meditated for years, used information, knowledge and various spiritual techniques for supposedly evolutionary development, who continue to consider themselves enlightened, but who with their negative and ignorant lifestyle turned away from their evolutionary path, – such people will simply not be able to accept the light of new photonic energy, these energies will be inaccessible to them. Although for some time such “enlightened ones” will be able to further use their accumulated spiritual knowledge and practices, continue to teach other people, BUT they will only use the phantom of Divine Light.

6. Only 3.5% of people on Earth have begun to accept a new type of energy and will continue to be saturated with it and live in the light of photon energies, like the planet. These people, like the planet itself, are already 35% filled with the light of new energy, and for many of them automatic energetic cleansing and healing has already begun. During the year, the Higher Forces will install the programs for automatic cleansing and self-healing for those who did not have them yet. Everyone who has begun to receive new energy will begin to more clearly feel and intuitively realize what exactly they need to do, for example, for their health, to improve their destiny, etc., and their power of intention will increase many times over.

Of course, those who are included in this 3.5% do not have to wait until new programs are automatically installed and activated for them. Having freed their physical and subtle bodies from harmful energies, from impure beings/spirits that have been stuck to a person for many years, such people will be able to consciously create the desired programs and by the power of intention to install them in their DNA, cellular consciousness, brain, hypothalamus, pituitary gland, pineal gland, thalamus, in the souls of all organs and in the souls of all systems.

Then command the Creator to activate them, and He will do it with the help of light of photonic energy. Those who do not know how and what to do, do not worry, simply wait for your turn and receive a reward for your merit. However, sometimes many people will not understand what is happening with their emotions and feelings, because the new type of energy will be completely incompatible with the energies of old emotions and thoughts. At such moments simply relax, breathe, meditate, don’t let negative emotions rule you anymore.

By installing new programs in yourself, you can also install a program for rejuvenating the body. Although at this time the Higher Forces do not recommend installing such programs for those who are 60 and over, this can again lead a person to obsession with their age and body and lead a person away from clarity and purity and from the mindset we should all strive for. An energetic incompatibility will arise.

In addition, the photonic energy itself will begin to rebuild the human body into a body of Light!

It is recommended to devote more time to restoring the physical body and improving the supernatural abilities. It’s fascinating.

7. Also, since August, many people begin to increase their connection with the Universe by tens or hundreds of times. Taking this opportunity, people will be able to more competently, creatively and effectively plan their own lives, formulate desires, create intentions in terms of health, rejuvenation, soul improvement, travel, creativity, etc., and develop their power of thought faster.

The light of photon energy has just started to heal mild diseases in a person, for example, a cold. But this is just the beginning. As a person is saturated with a new type of energy, chronic diseases, diseases with various types of complications will begin to heal.

In terms of your healing, continue to call the Higher Forces, so that they, for example, send you the necessary knowledge, doctors/healers/professionals from God to help you (soon you will stop contacting and resonating with those erudite doctors who have dark destructive energies). You will learn to intuitively find light teachers/doctors/healers, so to use their help.

Do not forget that the old energy of the age of Pisces, to which the Christ consciousness also belonged, has already ended its power.

Previously, the materialization of plans and desires dragged on for long periods, now everything has really changed. If until today many were only expecting some promised events and changes that were predicted by clairvoyants or transmitted by channelers, then the changes have really begun not in words, but in deeds.

The time has come! Everything has already started in real!

Light Keeper, Sefera (Elena Alekseeva).

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