Elena Alekseeva.

I am a

– Founder of super-efficient spiritual energy practices with photon-colored light rays coming from a higher plane of existence, transmitted to me by the Forces of Light.

– Master Teacher of Holistic Spiritual Diagnosis and Corrections of causation.

– Master of Healing the Soul, Spirit and Body.

My technique uses methods from ancient systems of healing (for diagnosis), Theta Healing and the photon colored rays of light  (for correction).

The spiritual practices help identify the real causes of the diseases of the body, soul and spirit (unexplained health problems, such as chronic fatigue, daily lack of energy, severe headaches, depressive moods, uncontrolled emotional outbursts, various ailments, etc.), and restore the balance of spiritual-energy-information systems.


I teach:

1. How the photon colored rays of  light can assist you in discovering or restoring your natural healing abilities.

2. What practical exercises can help you to free yourself from various types of destructive entities, phantoms, evil spirits, and envious energies, from those who consciously or unconsciously robs you of your life power, light, and joy. What practical exercises will protect you from all destruction.

3. The practices that will allow you to free and restore a large amount of the constructive energy you’ve lost;

– cleanse and protect yourself from the harm of electromagnetic radiation;

– increase the frequency of body vibrations;

– release the Divine spirit, the conscious and subconscious mind, the mental and emotional body from all programs of the Pisces Era that don’t correspond to your spiritual development and prevent your evolution; to install and activate the new programs for Aquarius Era;

– change the state of the subconscious so that the negative energy of thoughts and information existing there ceases to interfere with the consciousness of truly rejoicing and painlessly perceiving the events of the surrounding world;

– integrate your soul (release the fragments of other’s soul from your soul and bring back your own lost soul’s fragments) and many more.

4. Biolocation techniques (dowsing method for diagnosis/to find any answers).

5. Individual consultations using energy-information channeling to diagnose the state of spiritual and physical bodies.

6. Various meditation methods.

7. Healthy lifestyle.

8. How to work with Karmic “programs” and erasing them.

9. How to rediscover your inner child.

10. Rei Ki Do Satori (first, second, third levels and Master-Teacher level: Rei Ki Do Satori roughly translates as the practice of using the energy of the Creator for the path of enlightenment).

11. 8 different Channels of Rei Ki Do Satori.


My mission and purpose in this life is to help people and their souls fulfill the programs they have brought into this life.


My spiritual journey began the very moment when I can remember myself. Ever since then I have been growing my knowledge, experience and connection with the Universe, Supreme Intelligence by working with the dowsing rod, meditations, healing methods, diagnostics and corrections.

I have so much compassion and empathy for people who are not able to receive guidance and help in their life. Their life would be so much easier if they knew what I already know!

If they only knew that by sending their thoughts in the file of conscious and subconscious mind, will be much easier to use their thoughts of love, gratitude, joy and empathy and heal their emotional, mental and spiritual body.

If they only knew that by disconnecting from Mother Earth, they are compromising their immune and hormonal systems and are exposing themselves to many diseases.

If they only knew that past life Karma that can be erased and corrected, is what is making their life difficult and at times unbearable.

If they only knew…..

I have found a lot of reasons why our bodies are getting sick and our minds are getting weak. Luckily, I have found a way to help people and teach them how to help themselves.

Email: [email protected]

Lena Alekseeva

Holistic Spiritual Diagnostic

Master Teacher

Ecuador, Vilcabamba