Holistic Diagnosis


This holistic diagnosis helps identify the real causes of disease and the non-fulfillment of a person’s destiny.
Effective correction helps to achieve fast and efficient healing of all existing diseases of the body, soul, and spirit. The correction helps to:

– assist in healing all known and unknown diseases;
– release karmic programs;
– harmonize all etheric bodies;
– improve energy levels, releasing all energy/physic blocks;
– increase the vibration frequency of the spirit, soul, mind, and body;
– strengthen the immune and endocrine systems;
– eliminate spiritual curses and all negative energy from others;
– integrate the soul;
– get rid go all destructive or demonic entities and much more (see ‘Diagnosis. Personal questions’ below).

The beginning of the twenty-first century is the transition into a new era for humanity, planet Earth, and all Universes. This era is called the Soul Light Era, which began in August 2003. From this time onward, channelers have been receiving from the Higher Intelligence significant new information and practices.


1. Fulfillment of your Mission/Destiny on Earth (in %).
(What percentage are you fulfilling your mission/destiny?)
A Mission is an important, specific task planned by the Supreme Forces for an individual that must be completed at a certain stage in their life. A person to whom a Mission is given is subject to serious requirements, and they can either complete their tasks (which they will certainly learn about when the time comes) or their access to high-frequency cosmic energies and the Supreme Intelligence will be cut off. If a person doesn’t complete (or underestimates) their Mission or employs dogmas or outdated spiritual practices, they will produce a lot of karma, which can result in a serious impact on their health.
Not everyone is given a Mission—and the lives of those who have a Mission are not as easy as they might seem from the outside.
Destiny. This fulfillment depends on the evolution of the Spirit and Soul. It is affected by the dominating Spirit (or dominating program), spiritual practices and spiritual goals at different stages of life. In the process of fulfilling their purpose, an individual is provided with certain situations and conditions in which they can learn to interact with the world around them, to relate with their family in such a way so as not to violate the boundaries of their sovereignty and way of living, and to respect each family member for who they are.
Ignorance doesn’t free one from responsibility.
Symptoms of non-fulfillment of destiny: getting tired easily

2. Your level of Spiritual Development (LOSD) at present ( ) and after birth ( ). After correction ( )
Everyone’s needs depend on the LOSD. People on the 1st – 5th levels are interested mostly in material things. Their role is to serve their material needs, physical body and family; they are not required for spiritual work.
For people from the 6th and 7th LOSD the most important need is to work on developing personal spirituality at some point in their life. It is essential to live life according to the LOSD. Any creative work increases the LOSD. Information viruses (e.g., curses, “evil eye”- negative energy from others) can decrease the LOSD, making it passive.
Doing spiritual practices, acting from a higher level of consciousness, and clearing away delusions help increase the LOSD. It helps to extinguish karma. This results in changes to a person’s DNA.

3. Number of your reincarnations (as a human being) –
The number of reincarnations indicates with what level of development a person was born – either with the level of spiritual development or with the level of material development.

4. Harmony of your Divine Spirit (in %) –
(What percentage is your God spirit in harmony?)
The Divine spirit is complex, multilevel energy-containing specific programs for the current incarnation, which the individual should try to fulfill. This energy has both an intelligence and a level of spiritual development that is in accordance with the plans created by the Supreme Hierarchs of the Earth, solar system, our galaxy, and the Universe. This is a power that sustains life in people and controls the movement of energy (prana).
In order for the mind to become calm, balanced, and focused, you need to cleanse the Divine spirit of distorted light and elevate its vibrational frequency. A pure spirit can cleanse the mind, strengthen the will, control the energy, and direct it with efficacy, ensuring that a person enjoys good health and long life.

5. How many Divine Spirits do you have? (in %) –
(must have only one)
When an individual doesn’t fulfill their purpose, the energy of their Divine spirit becomes weak, making it easy for informational viruses to enter the spirit’s energy field.
In such circumstances, the spirit becomes passive. The person stops carrying out the evolutionary programs originally present in their Divine spirit, and the spirit stops nourishing the human being with cosmic energy. Thus, the individual generates karma of the Divine spirit and gradually ceases to understand how to control the events in their life, resulting in unpleasant surprises. Unfulfilled programs lose their motivational and filling power, importance, and energy. Now anyone can rule over the person’s consciousness—except for the person themselves. If the individual gets too enmeshed in everyday affairs and goes on living with the spirit that has lost its energy, the control over the functioning of the mind, physiological systems, organs, and cells will also be lost.
When this happens, the Light Forces can give the person a hand: They will send a second Divine spirit with new programs designed to prolong life—in hopes that the person will finally begin looking for the causes of their misfortunes, find them, and eliminate them. And, two spirits with different energies will find it difficult to cohabit peacefully in the same body.
When this happens to an individual, their personality seems to split. It becomes hard to make reasoned decisions; the consciousness becomes filled with even more distorted light; the resonance between the Divine spirit, the soul, and the bodily spirit is irreparably lost; and oppositions to different planets emerge that bring to people hard-to-treat diseases that should be healed by healers first, and probably treated by doctors second. The second Divine spirit gradually ceases its programs (which should help a person develop and evolve) due to the prolonged creative inaction of a person. Consequently, this second spirit also becomes passive and takes on the form of another destructive energy. At this point, a third Divine spirit arrives. Unfortunately, the same thing can happen with it that happened to the first and the second (could be even more)—unless the spirit’s owner eliminates the cause and starts working on changing their life.
Thus, a program of self-destruction of body and soul is activated, and the meridians of the pancreas, spleen, liver, and the triple warmer (or triple heater) close.
This can lead a person into a terrible depression and even to imminent death. Most suicides happen because several Divine spirits accumulate in a single individual.

6. Harmony of your Soul (in %) –
(What percentage is your Soul in harmony?)
The soul is an energy structure responsible for our emotions.
If there is no harmony, it could be because of an eniological infection (disease), ‘evil eye’, curse, clan curse, etc.
Eniology is the science of information exchange in the Universe.
Symptoms: These result in a disturbed Fire element and weakened organs such as small intestine, cardiovascular system, and endocrine system; disharmony causes headaches and emotional disorders.

7. Integration of the Soul
When a human soul acquires elements of souls of other people, the person will struggle to understand their true essence and discover their evolutionary path.
The stronger the energy of those extraneous soul fragments, the more they impact one’s consciousness and the development of one’s own soul.
Fragments of someone else’s souls can cause mental issues.
It’s also possible that your soul has lost some of its own fragments.

8. The place of the Soul in your body.
Soul is an emotional energy substance.
“Every soul has its own standing in Heaven. Spiritual standing or soul standing has countless layers. Soul power also has layers. Not every soul can perform miracles like Jesus. Soul power depends on the soul’s spiritual standing in Heaven. The higher a soul stands in Heaven, the more soul power that soul is given by the Divine. The location of your soul represents your spiritual standing in Heaven. The higher your soul sits in your body, the higher your spiritual standing in Heaven… The Akashi Records decide where your soul sits inside your body according to your spiritual standing. The key to soul enlightenment is the soul’s standing. To be enlightened, a soul must sit in the heart place or higher” (Dr. Zhi Sha).
However, it may fall below if it is intoxicated or degraded.
Main areas where a human’s soul can sit:
1.   Just above the genital area
2.   Between the genitals and the navel
3.   At the level of the navel
4.   In the Heart place
5.   In the throat
6.   In the head
7.   Just above the head

9. Do you have any eniological diseases (information viruses- dark energy)
‘Evil eye’ ( ) – is a type of the weak negative informational influence. A person’s soul cannot be in full harmony if the evil eye is on that person. The presence of the evil eye prevents the Yin energy of the Earth from accessing the internal organs freely through the lower energy centers. It also damages the edges of the biofield. Since the connection to the Earth is weak, health starts to deteriorate, starting with fatigue, headaches, nausea, dizziness, and emotional imbalance.
Curse ( )/self- curse ( ) – is an emotional energy-information influence exacted by one person upon another and formulated as a wish that something bad will befall that other person. In the person affected by a curse, the Yin energy of the Earth will have more trouble getting through to the energy centers than in a case of the evil eye; edges of the biofield are torn in place, and physical health is negatively impacted. It’s an informational program with an evil emotional charge, introduced into a person’s subtle structures with great emotional force. If that program is not neutralized during a person’s lifetime, it will take on a karmic character and be written on the causal body. Worse, after death, the monad (spirit) of that person will end up on a lower astral level that doesn’t correspond to the spiritual level of a human monad. The cursed monad infects the living relative with its karmic program, and after death, that relative’s monad will, in turn, end up on the lower astral levels. This is known as a “spiritual Clan curse.”
Self-curses—a lack of self-love or an inability to accept oneself as a creation of the highest plane. Self-curses also destroy a person’s physical and psychic health.
Curse of the clan ( ) – If you have these kinds of spirits or souls connected to you, the Fire element is disturbed and there is no connection with the Earth. Low energy centers and leg meridians are not functioning.
Ritual curse ( ) – is a targeted malevolent influence that uses a magic ritual or props and aims to destroy the biofield human personality structures in order to cause serious harm and even death. Ritual curses are placed on health just as they are on love (romantic relationships), relationships between people, athletic achievements, travel, business, and so on (read much more in ‘Light for Life’ textbook, Part I).

10. Level of your Bodily Spirit.  What level of Bodily Spirit was after the birth ( ). What kind of Bodily Spirit do you need to have? ( ).
(in diagnosis, I use this measurement method – if the baby had a 34th level after the birth, then he was born with a strong immune system. The lower the level after the birth, the weaker the immune system. If you do not change the level of Bodily Spirit to a stronger one, then it will be difficult for you to get rid of diseases. With the permission of the Creator, I can install a higher level of Bodily Spirit for a person).

The bodily spirit carries a program of the material body’s development and its genetic memory.
The bodily spirit is the information component of the physical health of the elemental spirits (Fire, Water, Air, Earth, Wood, and Ether) and of all organs and cells (stem, fat, joint, bone, muscle, nerve, endothelial, genital, and blood cells) whose functioning the bodily spirit controls.
The Master must delete all the old information about diseases from your bodily spirit, from all the elemental spirits (Fire, Water, Air, Earth, Wood, and Ether), and from all the organs and cells controlled by the bodily spirit.
The health of the bodily spirit given to a baby at birth depends strongly on the physical and mental health of the mother at the moment of conception and during pregnancy.
Now, during the era of Aquarius, we can rearrange such spirits. During the era of Aquarius, we must have a higher level of body spirit than we had after birth. A healthy bodily spirit will provide you with life force and strength.
If the bodily spirit’s soul isn’t holistic, it will always be vulnerable to the invasions of destructive entities.
(read more in ‘Light for Life’ book, Part II, chapter 12)
Symptoms: After birth, if the level is low, the immune system will be very weak.

11. Reintegration of your Bodily Soul. Fragments of others’ bodily souls in yours, and lost fragments of your own soul.
The bodily spirit is not just our physical component but also an emotional one. The bodily spirit has its own soul, so it’s important to make sure it’s holistic. A little reminder: If the bodily spirit’s soul isn’t holistic, it will always be vulnerable to the invasions of destructive entities.

12. Pollution of the subconscious mind with negative thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, thought-forms, affirmations, and information (%).
The subconscious originates in the region of the seventh cervical vertebra.
The entrenched energy of beliefs, thought-forms, and affirmations you have accumulated in your subconscious is much stronger than the energy of the thoughts that arise in your emotional conscious mind. In your consciousness, the thoughts’ energy is temporary; in your subconscious, it’s permanent.
Throughout your life, so many mind-controlling beliefs congregate in your subconscious, it can become difficult for your human mind to accept new ideas and solutions. The accumulated energy of negative thoughts leaks out of the subconscious and spreads throughout the body, weakening the immune system. As a result, a person can spend all his life-fighting disease that stems from wrong thinking—instead of dealing with the cause.
Resonance channels linking the subconscious, soul, and consciousness also get polluted by the energy of negative thoughts and emotions. This makes it even harder to find the reason for one’s fatigue, sickness, and difficulties. A vicious circle forms.

13. Developed/allowed diseases (%).
The following diseases are caused by imbalances in the psychic centers: ignorance and inconsiderate actions; the abuse of food, alcohol, tobacco, and drugs; as well as other excesses—all of which cause harm the body can no longer handle.
Considering the generally low level of consciousness in most people, an epidemic can spread rapidly. Every thought causes a reaction in the body. Negative character traits can also lead to sickness. The more negative emotions a person experiences, the more he is dominated by astral entities.

14. Bodily, Spiritual, Informational, Energetic toxicity.
Bodily toxicity – if there abuse of food, alcohol, tobacco, and drugs; as well as other excesses—all of which cause harm the body can no longer handle (should not exceed more then 8-12%).
Spiritual toxicity – if there is karma or entities in the system.
Informational toxicity – if there are idealizations or dogmas.
Energetic toxicity – if there is an energy of low-frequency emotions and thoughts.
If spiritual, informational, or energetic bodies are polluted, it will be hard to heal the physical body. As Jesus said, “Do not pollute your body and spirit, because the body is the temple of the Spirit, the Spirit is the temple of God. Cleanse the temple so that The Lord could remain in it”.

15. The numbers of low astral entities inside your body ( ).
A low astral entity is an energy-informational formation or system that has its own intelligence. Their activity inside a human body can result in tumors, myomas, or fibromas. When such an entity enters a body, it sucks the life energy out of organs, installs information viruses in the development programs of organs, and provokes the formation of neoplasms, including malignant ones.
You can read about entities in the book “The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life” (Drunvalo Melchizedek, vol. 2, p. 368).

16. The numbers of cosmic destructive/ demonic entities inside the body ( ).
The dark side sends these harmful and destructive beings. A person with these beings loses the connection with the Earth’s energy. It’s impossible to treat diseases if these entities are not removed from the physical body, from the organs
A person who hosts such entities in their internal organs has a damaged connection with the Earth. Such people will not be able to receive vital energy and strength from the Earth in the required quantity for the healthy functioning of the physical body. Switching off from the Earth’s energies is a common cause of cancer. They inhabiting a body to prevent the mind from receiving and processing necessary, important information.
Demonic entities don’t feed on the energy of people’s physical organs, but they cause enormous harm to the mind and the accumulated light of the person’s soul, spirit, bodily spirit, and their structures. They poison this light. From such a “poisoning,” a person loses the connection of their soul, divine spirit, and bodily spirit to their body systems, organs, and cells, and they stop resonating with each other.

17. Karmic diseases (%)-
(What percentage of karmic diseases do you have?)
Karmic diseases are mostly diseases of the soul and the spirit, which in turn cause illnesses of the body. They arise when a person’s consciousness is out of step with the spirit of the times. When a person doesn’t understand or doesn’t follow cosmic laws or signs sent by the Supreme Intelligence and the Light Forces, he ends up with a karmic disease.
Diseases of the soul and the spirit should be healed by the healer, not treated by doctors. Karmic diseases reside in the spirit, soul, and in the causal (or karmic) field. They are all about the excessive idealization of worldly values, wrong beliefs, outdated and unhealthy traditions, and creating idols for oneself. But most importantly, our consciously negative actions cause genetic issues. The human spirit still isn’t free from animal instincts or from idealizing worldly values, outdated traditions, or erroneous convictions.
No one canceled the Law of Karma: Everyone should be responsible for their thoughts and actions and cleanse their causal body through awareness and correction of their own mistakes.

18. Karma of the God Spirit
If such karma exists, then the planets will be in opposition and a person will have different problems with health.
If Mercury is in opposition, you can have a problem with the throat, thyroid, colds.
Mars – lungs, heart, low blood pressure
Saturn – left brain
Sun – liver, stomach, pancreas
Venus – sexual-reproductive and urinary system
Moon – emotions
Neptune – back
Earth – cancer
Uranus – legs
If a karmic charge is high, then one or more planets are in opposition, which manifests in diseases. If the karmic charge is decreased, the planet opposition will disappear, and the Spirit will become pure.

19. Karma of the Bodily Spirit (cellular, DNA).
If karma of the Bodily Spirit is not released, the immune system will remain weak.

20. Karma of the clan (family generation). How many clans took over?
Information can be inherited with the mother’s DNA – it will manifest in many diseases if the karma of the clan is not released. For example, if the endocrine system is weakened and PH (acid-base) balance is disturbed, the thyroid gland could be affected. Eczema and psoriasis are also the results of this karma.

21. Karma of the Soul.
When there is the karma of the Soul, there’s no harmony in your soul, and there can be no harmony in the emotional body. As a result, your negative emotions will manifest on the physical level: You might cry for no reason or get upset about little things that never bothered you before. Here are a few more symptoms indicating that the soul is not in harmony: feeling low in energy, feeling unable to do anything, or having a headache.

22. Karma of Nature spirits (Fire, Water, Air, Earth, Wood, and Ether).
Sometimes there is no karma but Nature spirits are still not in harmony. During pregnancy, the mother needs to be checked each month to see if there is any destructive energy from other people (evil eyes, curses, etc.).  The mother might have dark blocking energy preventing the fetus from healthy growth and development of systems and organs. It is essential to restore harmony.

23. Karma of stem cells.
If Karma of the stem cells exists, then planet Earth is in opposition and could manifest in cancer.

24. Karma with the world of minerals.
If a person has this karma, the DNA won’t be healthy and some low energy centers will not receive enough energy to keep organs and cells in a good condition.

25. Karma of human relations.
Almost all people have such karma. In our present life, we are repeating the same mistakes and going through similar lessons with family and friends. Unfulfilled vows and promises made to people in past lives do not allow us to live in joy and have good relations with everyone in our present life. Old karmic programs and settings in human relationships do not allow people to clearly understand why it is so difficult to get rid of irritation, condemnation, and anger with a specific person.

26. Connection with the Earth’s energy (%).
Communication with the Earth is the most important for health.
If there is no connection, then a person has the energy or psychic blocks (or both), and then a person will receive insufficient Yin energy, which is so necessary for the life of the whole organism.

27. Toxic energy of your Tree of Life (%).
Your Clan’s Tree of Life includes all the generations that came before you, which are linked energetically among themselves as well as to you and your family.
Naturally, the Tree of Life has a soul, which—just like your own soul—is probably filled with low-frequency, dark energy that has accumulated throughout the centuries.

Must cleanse those souls of your Tree that once got stuck on one of the low planes of existence and could not go into other dimensions for further evolution, thereby introducing their own fears, suffering, and memories of disease or fatal injuries into the structure of your Clan. Down the line, these can become Clan programs—that is, inherited diseases. Cleansing the energy of your Tree of Life, programs about your diseases will begin to leave you, the line of fate will begin to change.
The more light that exists in your Clan’s Tree of Life, the healthier, happier, and more successful you will be—and so will your children, grandchildren, and the information about you that is stored in Eternity (in the Akashic records).

28. How many egregores of disease, pain, and fears, etc. are connected to you?
An egregore is a highly-organized energy-informational astral entity or structure generated by human thoughts and emotions. In other words, “egregore” can be described as a virtual energy entity, consisting of emotional attachments resonating on the same frequency with dogmas and beliefs.
A person won’t even suspect that in order to be cured or healed, he needs to sever links to the egregores of his illnesses and remove both the causes of the sickness and the memory of them from the organs themselves, from his subconscious mind, and from his emotional and mental bodies where the history of all illnesses is stored.

29. What is the percentage of accumulated information about diseases from current life in the Matrix?
If a person’s Matrix has an unhealthy memory, it is difficult to change the vibrational frequency of the physical body, aimed at recovery. All programs of sickness and failure must be moved into a file in your own Matrix; then new programs, that correspond to the spirit of the Aquarian Age, must be installed and activated.

After this diagnosis, correction, and healing, I can teach you how to deactivate your old personal programs of the Pisces era which delay abundance, and physical and spiritual development. I will teach you how to activate new programs for the era of Aquarius in your soul, Divine spirit, and bodily spirit.
The disease is distorted energy and information between the cells and organs, Soul and Divine Spirit, between Divine Spirit and universal cosmic energy, and also between the Spirit and the Earth’s energy.

Peace, Light, Love, and Harmony to you and to all living creatures on Earth and in all Universes!

Elena Alekseeva
Holistic Spiritual Diagnosis
International Master Teacher