Rei Ki Do Satori – unique      practice.                                                          

Many people from different countries are interested about Rei Ki Do Satori information. Many have had the opportunity to try on themselves the advantage of diagnosis and correction, including distant session.This is a truly unique practice, which removes karma of past incarnations, including the heavy karma of the clan; removes all kind of entities, which are taking away the energy from organs making the body weaker. Special symbols and channels of Rei Ki Do Satori help to get rid of curses and different negative energy from other people or from phantoms; elevates people to a higher level of spiritual development and increases power of intention. The spirit and the soul become pure and healthy, and thus the body begins to heal itself very fast.


Channels and Symbols of Rei Ki Do Satori.

To connect to the channel of Power, it is necessary to get the initiation of this channel. If the student does not have faith in what he is doing, if he is skeptical about it, he will not be able to begin the process. All practice must be based on a belief.

Once a student receives special symbols into his hands, he can heal not only his physical body, but also his soul, as well as change his destiny and environment for the better. Initiation is the restoration of a spiritual relationship between a person and Creator.

The symbols are the tools that will help you work with energies. During clearing of the physical and ethereal bodies, we rid of bad habits as we cleanse the astral body. We purify our emotions, as we cleanse the mental body, and we clean and improve our mental abilities and memory and we eliminate our uncertainty.


Channels of Rei Ki Do Satori:

(each channel includes four different symbols)

Radhathis is the creative business-financial channel. The symbols used allow creative growth and development of business and financial matters. They present opportunities to attract financial resources and business partners, while at the same time, allowing new ideas to emerge in order to overcome deadlock situations associated with business.

Van Do this channel opens a new world of ideas, creative inspiration and flights of fantasy.

Dao Dothese symbols work with information-energy programs at different levels of consciousness (physical, astral, mental, causal, budhic), helping a person grow spiritually.

Karmicuse of karmic symbols solve various life situations and problems, and are symbols for clearing our informational-energy structures (etheric bodies) etc.

Glossaris a channel of clairvoyance and clairaudience that allows us to hear the Words of God. This channel opens a new world of ideas, knowledge and creative inspiration, for spiritual and creative growth.

Assana these powerful symbols can help get rid of low astral entities. The symbols clean and protect us from black magic rituals, and clean all negative informational programs (evil eye, ritual curses) from energetic, astral and mental levels. They also remove low vibration pollution from the physical body including cellular and DNA levels.

Djo Rey the physical body symbols of Djo Rey channel are used for working with the organs and central and peripheral nervous system at the cellular and DNA levels. Healing symbols of Djo Rey can work with practically all etheric bodies of the person:  with energy centers, channels, meridians, emotions, memory and mentality.

Kristos the main purpose of this channel is for further development of a person as the chosen one by God.

Satori symbols of the Satori channel help to develop qualities of inner light, love, harmony, patience, understanding, empathy, peace, happiness and gratitude within your Soul. These symbols bring the student to a very high, evolutionary level and help escape the “Wheel of San-sari” circle: continuous reincarnations.


What to do after correction?

After the correction people feel different positive changes at both the spiritual and the physical levels, improving the overall energy level of the individual.

Next, those who could feel the positive momentum in its spiritual and physical state of health should learn: how to cope with different energy outflows and how to fix the energy level; how every day feel the lightness in the body, and not to suffer from the negative thoughts; how to grow positive karma, how to get rid of viruses; how to live safely before moving into another level of spiritual development? (“Glad to be in heaven, but the sins is not allow”)).

If person collects in the consciousness and sub consciousness dogmatic beliefs, irritation, condemnation and resentment, fear of losing something, fear for the health and other fears, then this increases the current negative karma. And it will block the road to success, health and spiritual development.

Now many people work with a dowsing rod or pendulum while they are imbalance and having spiritual toxicity, information toxicity (unbalanced emotions), when they have eniological diseases (information viruses) on their emotional structure (soul, energy centers), and when their mind is filled with low-frequency thoughts and information. That’s why when people ask the questions, they receive the answers only from the emotional level.

Symbols of Reiki Do Satori will help to get rid of many problems quickly, easily and effectively.

I’m happy to help and teach those people who want to learn how to fulfill their destiny or mission and remain in harmony with the inner world and the outside world. I will give a fishing rod into the hands, not fish.

Kind regards and best wishes.