Misconceptions about energy parasites, destructive/demonic entities that harm a person.

Every day I receive letters from all over the world from both Russian and English-speaking people who usually live in high vibrations, with a huge accumulated amount of light in the soul, mind, and heart.
They ask me to clarify what is happening to them recently. Something strange is happening.

I won’t begin to list their complaints about well-being with all the symptoms, I’ll just say that the symptoms are mostly similar – everyone has strange negative emotions; energy loss. People do not understand what is happening with their minds and thoughts. They begin to make completely unusual decisions that surprise them.

In all these people, I discovered the presence of several hidden ritual curses sent by a group of dark people in which demonic entities live, and who obey the requirements of the Inferno world.
A ritual curse is a targeted malevolent influence that uses a magic ritual or props and aims to destroy the biofield human personality structures in order to cause serious harm and even death. Yes, the demonic world sends precisely hidden ritual curses so that we humans could not quickly recognize them in ourselves and get rid of them before these dark heavy energies could harm our mind, cellular consciousness, the energy of our spirit, soul and destroy our health, even to death.

And here the questions begin, “Well, why me? Why do people envy me? Why do they put on me some ritual wrecking? I do not wish anyone harm! I try to think only about the good, my thoughts are directed only to love, I help people in healing, every day I increase the frequency of my vibrations”. And finally, they declare, “I always say that any curses, any entities are not for me. I do not want to hear about them. I do not want to fight with anyone. How could such a thing cling to me, I live on high vibrations! ”

Understand that no dark forces will ask you whether you want to fight with them or not, whether you want to share your energy with them or not, whether you want to know and hear about them or not. If they have something to take away from you (and this is the power of your accumulated Divine light), they can unceremoniously penetrate the physical body through your subtle bodies, disrupt the harmony of your peace of mind and consciousness.
They act like thieves and bandits.
They have no concept of honesty and decency.
They became dark because they were accustomed to lying to themselves first, then to everyone, and the concept of “steal and kill” is simply the norm for them. In addition, many of them were simply born demons or reptiles, taking the form of a human body.

The great New Thought leader Helena Blavatsky once wrote, “The forces of darkness, having no spiritual laws to limit their actions, can take possession of any mind and totally enslave it, influencing the physical and psychological nature of any person.”

One spiritually developed man in pink glasses who considered himself deeply enlightened wrote to me a few letters like this, “It’s a great mistake to think that someone can take your energy without your consent, you and only you yourself give them a reason to do it, and the dark ones see this very well and therefore fly to where there is food, they have no right to do any harm to a person until he takes the first step towards … and the dark ones bypass people shining with light, they simply cannot be next to them. … the vibrations are so different “.

I, with 100% certainty, declare that now is the time when the world of Inferno (the demonic world) resolutely seeks to harm or even wants to end those in whom they see a real threat to themselves and feel the power that can defeat them.
If they feel the power of your spirit in you, they will try to harm you so that you cannot interfere with the implementation of Inferno plans such as vaccinating the population with chips and establishing 5G with your actions, Divine light, and power of intention.

You know how policemen can crackdown on demonstrators on the physical plane. Other forces invisible to us are trying to deal with the Light workers. But this happens on a subtle, energetic level.
No normal person wants war, but if we have to fight for our health, for our creative energy and light, we will have to find and use those qualitative methods built on new energies that will really help to remain free from alien, destructive interventions. Otherwise, someone invisible will control you, your emotions, and your mind.

Оn Earth God only has our hands, and he wants us to not relax in comfortable emotions right now, but to act using the Strength of Light of his Divine love – and these are high-speed new energy practices for the Aquarius era and not outdated practices based on insufficiently high vibrations.

Remember that darkness is unceremonious and will not ask what you want and what you don’t want. But the dark ones know exactly what they want. They wish by all means to become sovereign rulers on our planet.

Right now you need to be extremely attentive to your feelings, emotions, and thoughts. If there is an inexplicable longing, unwillingness to live and do anything, if you feel physical weakness, perhaps dark forces have also encroached on you. Perhaps the turn has reached you. Someone began to check you, too, to find out whether you will fight for your light, or you will lie back on the couch, thinking that you are just sick, losing, meanwhile, the light of your mind.

Do not think that you can hide somewhere in the bunker, sit out, and then come out and continue to live happily and happily.

Information from the information field of the Earth about each of us can easily be found by any professional in this matter, including sorcerers, demons. And they can harm a person from a distance. What are they doing now? They send to the mind, to the human brain, something like such a thick veil that prevents a person from reliably diagnosing himself. And it becomes difficult for a person to identify those damage.

In the meantime, your information channel, your Higher Self, can tell you that everything is fine with you because there will be an energy barrier that will not allow you to read information about yourself. The longer this happens, the stronger this veil becomes, the more difficult it becomes for a person to help himself.

The Forces of Light help me find all the tricks of the dark forces.
In our difficult time, the time of real changes, every bright person must necessarily learn how to clean their light, regain their strength and cut off spatial channels with energy violators, and not live in the illusion that you are so bright and fluffy and no one is turning attention to you.

And I am glad that all those people who already use the practical exercises that I described in my book “Light for Life” have remarkable results in freeing themselves from all kinds of destructive entities and oppressing alien energies. I am sure that they will cope with any unpleasant situation.
I know for sure that it is impossible for a person without specific knowledge and practices to maintain their energy hygiene, and this book just gives complete knowledge.

Moreover, even if some healer does an energetic cleansing for you, there are no guarantees that during the session any entities will not find the Master. And then these entities can penetrate not only into him but also into you. There are many options and Master or healer must know about it.
But it is not enough to remove the heavy energy and the memory of the harm done, after this you still need to cleanse the cellular consciousness, emotional body, soul, spirit, restore the functioning of subtle bodies and energy centers. Rarely anyone can do this for you. Therefore, you need to learn how to help yourself.
Good luck everyone!