Restoration of the vital functions of the pineal gland (corpus pineale, epiphysis cerebri)

Do you want the so-called supernatural abilities to return to you: intuition, clairvoyance, clairaudience, telepathy, the ability to recover itself?

Do you want to stop or slow down the aging process of the body?

Do you want your organs, cells to heal and rejuvenate by themselves?

For this, it is very important to clear the pineal gland from calcification (read below), after which its close connection with the brain will be restored. The brain knows how to use its own powers for healing and rejuvenation, but on condition – if the pineal gland is cleansed.

The pineal gland is the source of human superpowers. It is the pineal gland that will allow people to control their own body and stop the aging process, as well as establish a connection with their Higher Self, with the cosmos, and the Supreme Intelligence.

Not all people experience the aging process of the pineal gland, in other words – “petrification”.

Those who do not have calculus deposits in the pineal gland (these are stones of dense formation, of various sizes, shapes, and consistencies), such people have very developed intuition and certain supernatural abilities.

Why does a person not anticipate, for example, the beginning of an earthquake, like some animals? Because their pineal gland does not resonate with the electromagnetic radiation of the Earth. And it does not resonate due to the fact that the pineal gland is filled with “brain sand”, that is, “petrified”.

But how to make sure that the pineal gland does not become “stony” so that people become successful and talented so that this part of the brain does not age and stop the aging process of the whole organism?

Is it possible to restore the interaction of the pineal gland with the brain, to establish a connection between them so that the body can recreate young skin, tissues, cells?

Yes, everything can be fixed and restored!

For this, in addition to other energetic cleansing practices, you need, as you already understood, to cleanse the pineal gland. And after that, it will become easier to engage in self-healing.

When the pineal gland is cleansed, the brain will have an established connection with a healthy pineal gland. The pineal gland will help the brain to believe in its own strength.

To keep the body from aging, you need to learn how to turn off a certain area of ​​the brain in the hypothalamus with the help of the power of thought. And in order for the thought to have sufficient power to turn off the necessary zone in the hypothalamus, which is responsible for aging, it is necessary first of all to cleanse, again, the pineal gland.

The pituitary gland is able to reproduce dying cells and tissues, to control the metabolism in the body only when the pineal gland is cleared of “fossilized” deposits.

And what about alien energy with destructive programs, or negative energy accumulated over the years from your own thoughts and emotions? Do they prevent the pituitary and pineal gland from reproducing dying cells and tissues?

Yes, of course, they really interfere.

When the pineal gland is cleared of the existing destructive energies and programs, then the pituitary gland will automatically clear itself!

The next condition. The soul of the pineal gland must be integral. It is also necessary to cleanse it from fragments of other people’s souls and return to the soul of the pineal gland its own lost particles. When the integrity of the pineal gland is restored, then, again, the integrity of the pituitary gland will automatically be restored!

So, it is necessary:

FIRST, remove from the pineal gland all low-frequency energy accumulated from your own negative emotions, thoughts, information, as well as dark energy from other people; remove all destructive programs and the memory of these programs.

SECOND, check if the soul of the pineal gland is integral and, if not, then carry out its integration.

THIRD, completely cleanse and heal the space of the pineal gland from the “brain sand” deposits.

After that, it is desirable to install and activate self-healing programs in the pineal gland, pituitary gland, and in the brain cells; to rejuvenate organs, cells, tissues; and a program to stop the aging process of the whole organism.

Of course, the power of thought can dissolve “stones” in the pineal gland, as well as in other organs. Once my mother was admitted to the hospital, but the doctors, due to her advanced age, refused to perform an operation to remove stones from the bile ducts, although my mother was in severe pain. I remotely with the power of intention and light rays dissolved these stones in 5 days, after which the doctors could not believe and asked: “How did you, grandmother, dissolve the stones? What did you take? “

Therefore, the pineal gland can also be cleaned.

(In my book “Light for Life” there are effective exercises for integrating the soul and eliminating all negative programs, low-frequency energies. A new exercise-meditation for cleansing and healing the pineal gland, for installing and activating programs for rejuvenation and superpowers, I can send, but, unfortunately, only for those who studied from the book and know how to work with healing colored rays of Light. However, it is important for me to convey information, and you will choose the methods of performing energy practices for yourself)

A person with a clean pineal gland does not need any diet.

To keep the pineal gland healthy, sunlight and clean air can help.

Long infrared rays have the highest power. They affect the microcirculation of the whole organism, normalize blood pressure, and prevent heart attacks. Increased concentration of negative oxygen ions, i.e. an excess of ions allows the body to maintain its youth and health longer.

Let me remind you that the pineal gland is a small unpaired endocrine gland, which is located in the geometric center of the brain between its two hemispheres.

Outwardly, the pineal gland looks like a pine cone the size of a small grayish-red pea with a bumpy surface, for which it received its second name – the pineal gland.

Up to about 5 years of age, children experience a progressive development of the pineal gland, and after that, in most people, the reverse process begins, together with calcification of the pineal gland (deposition of the so-called “brain sand”). Chemical analysis shows that grains of sand are composed of calcium phosphate, calcium carbonate, magnesium phosphate, and ammonium phosphate. The more of these grains of sand in the pineal gland, the greater the predisposition to the formation of malignant tumors in the body.

The pineal gland promotes the production of hormones that control the biological rhythms inherent in humans, as well as monitor the activity of the brain and allow internal organs to perform their functions.

Signs of calcification: obsessive anxiety; frequent headaches or a feeling of heaviness in the head; depressive conditions; heartburn, recurrent digestive upset, worsening of the stool.

So, cleanse the pineal gland, rejuvenate the body, gain wings.

Good luck!